Thursday, June 30, 2011

Having Fun with Scooter!

Little Scooter stayed with us for a few days this week (you can see his last visit right here).  It seems that I like to pack a whole lot of adventure into Scooter's time with us.  He lives a pretty quiet life at home; daily walks around their small neighborhood, all the attention he could ever want, and lots of tasty treats and bones.  While he certainly gets treats and attention with me, he also gets a lot more exercise and new experiences. 

We started with a hike at the park...

Are you sure we're supposed to go INTO the woods?!

At some point, Parker thought of a genius new way to spot chipmunks.  Scooter was concerned for his safety.

Get down from there this instant!

The next day Scooter came to camp.  Scooter still hates camp.  I didn't bother taking any pictures of him laying in the chair. 

After camp, my brother and I brought the dogs to AN EXCITING NEW SWIMMING SPOT!  Why am I so excited that I felt the need to hit caps lock?  Because this swimming spot is clean and fun for people and dogs!  I hate taking the dogs somewhere that they can get wet and I can jealously watch, so this was a big deal!

First of all, it was very pretty, with a small waterfall and rapids leading to a big wide river.

See? Pretty.

Skye showed off her recently discovered swimming ability which, like most everything else she does, lacks grace but has more than enough gumption.

Parker waded up to his beard and discovered a disgusting amount of tadpoles to chase.

Scooter rolled in the mud, and dug in the mud, and eventually had to swim against his will because he was not going back in my car like that.

 Scooter's parents told me that he has been sleeping more or less constantly since arriving back at home.  I take it as a compliment.  Oddly enough, Parker and Skye have been enjoying a minor hibernation since Scooter left us as well...

I don't know how that tongue fits in his little head...


  1. this all looks SO fun! lucky Scooter (and Parker and Skye and YOU)!

  2. What a great spot! I've been looking for a similar area to bring Rufus. He seems to be interested in "real" water (not fake kiddie swimming pools or hoses), but all of the ponds and such around our place are probably dangerous to his health :/

  3. The swim spot is beautiful; wish we had a place that nice around here. It looks like everyone had a great time.

  4. I hate when I forget to pack towels and the dogs get muddy!


  5. You are right - GORGEOUS place! That last photo is cracking me up!

  6. You guys sure make good playmates
    Benny & Lily


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